Island Welcome - | Anna Davern
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Anna Davern

Island Welcome

Anna Davern

Meat and Greet

In true egalitarian Australian style, Anna was keen to bestow the receiver of the lei with some ready to use social currency. Was it to be song lines to an Australian rock anthem? Equip the wearer with the lyrics to a Cold Chisel classic so that they could scream and yell and fit right in with the crowd. Not a stranger or an intruder – but one of us.

This thought led to the great BBQ tradition. The grill is by no means exclusive to the land down under. There is a commonality to this casual group event; with its understood code that contribution to the feast is part of the way we can enjoy each other’s company.

This bountiful string of sausages, chipolatas, and kebabs, is Anna’s way of welcoming newcomers to our country, an expression of her joy at the ease with which Australians respond to simple efforts of belonging from outliers.

In the spirit of inclusiveness, please accept her meat & greet. Wear it to a BBQ and feel welcome.

Don’t forget to bring a potato salad.

2018, Recycled satin and stuffing, silver (V)