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Jess Dare

Jess Dare

My experience with garlands has always been incredibly positive, joyful and humbling. In 2014 I did an Asialink residency in Bangkok, Thailand researching the traditional craft of Phuang Malai (Flower Garlands). When I was presented with a Phuang Malai I felt welcomed and honoured, I felt a part of a tradition. The flowers were picked and strung together in an intricate design just for me. I was moved by the gesture, the craft and the tradition.


This garland is an idea, a concept, a notion, a gesture, an offering of welcome, acceptance and my wish for change. Composed of iconic Australian native plants like the Eucalypt, Flowering Gum, Wattle, Correa, Boronia, this garland’s materiality of heavy brass symbolising permanency, stability and solidarity. Whilst the colour white represents peace, innocence and hope.


Materials: powder coated brass, stainless steel cable and sterling silver.


Photo: Andrew Barcham

Island Welcome
welcome garland