Island Welcome - | Manon van Kouswijk
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Manon van Kouswijk

Island Welcome

Manon van Kouswijk

Holding Us, Holding Oz, Holding You

Having moved from The Netherlands to Australia entirely voluntarily and for personal reasons 8 years ago I can only try to imagine how hard it would be to be forced to leave your country because of the dangers of war and to arrive here as a refugee…

In the making of my lei for Island Welcome I have asked my partner and a few of my friends to  contribute to it with the imprint of their hands in Australian clay, alongside my own. When wearing this lei you can hold us, hold Oz and be in our circle – held by us as a gesture of welcome and support.

Many thanks to Willem Drent, Paul Morgan, Jo Scicluna, Lola Morgan,

Meredith Turnbull and Ross Coulter for being part of this work.

Materials: 2018, clay, thread