Island Welcome - | Pennie Jagiello
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Pennie Jagiello

Island Welcome

Pennie Jagiello

‘Welcome warning promise of the beauty and the beast ‘

My garland refers to the beauty and the beast of promises made, kept, broken, cast aside, revived.  This garland is loosely knotted, just holding, longing with nothing secure or certain but grasping connection with ends coming together nevertheless.

Reference to material resources highlights the prominence we give to the inanimate and reliance we bestow upon them, possessions until they have served their purpose then discarded when they can no longer give.

Constructed from these materials once promising gifts, protection or warnings, they are faded, stained, frayed, scarred, broken, warm, soft, rough, hard and cold, abound in contradiction but remain strong.  As materials discarded and fragmented, they are now found, collected, even if unwanted they will remain forever.

I have utilised colour over darkness underlying faded promises to reference the strength and warmth in the true colours of those who honestly shine in welcome and wealth to share. Dark surfaces have been carved to reveal light and hope for change within for we can no longer drift, float or hold our breath. Colour, shape and form allude to natures gifts worn as a garland of restoration, constructed from that which we have created and discarded, but of that which we must all wear the consequences.

Materials: Found discarded materials consisting of various plastic, rubber, and metal, collected along Victorian, New South Wales and the Pilbara Western Australian coastlines and immediate surrounds.