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Michelle Cangiano

Michelle Cangiano


Historic and present-day ceremonies, rituals and superstitions connected to jewellery

As signifier inform my work.


For this neckpiece, titled Welcome, I employ the repetitive and time-consuming

process of embossing and threading hundreds of paper discs.


The form and technique of this neckpiece references the traditional garlands found

across many cultures, given to an individual as a symbol of welcome.


I offer this neckpiece, not to an individual but collectively to the idea of expanding

acceptance and a deeper understanding in us all.



“Infinite are man’s expressions of beauty and love; open your eyes your ears your heart to them and you will unite the peoples of the world”


Alexander Girard.


Materials: Embossed Paper, thread.

Date: 2017

Photo: Michelle Cangiano

Island Welcome
welcome garland