Island Welcome - | Jane Bowden
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Jane Bowden

Jane Bowden


Leftovers is informed by the origin and meaning of the lei in Polynesia, and the way locals use it to welcome foreigners in their countries. In Australia, our multicultural diversity suggests that we are a welcoming place; whilst this may be true for many, others in search of a better future on our shores continue to experience the hardship of ’fitting in’.


My welcome to island neckpiece is a representation of these differences. On the one hand, the chain references isolation and confinement. On the other hand, by using remnants of chains collected all over the world and linking each section to the next, my work reveals that there is scope for bringing unity out of people’s differences.

Leftovers can be turned into two neckpieces, enabling the wearer to pass on part of their chain to someone else as a welcome gesture, a piece to be shared.


Materials: Oxidised Sterling Silver

Size: 6.7m

Date: 2017

Photo: Jane Bowden


Island Welcome
welcome garland